An annual juried fine art exhibition and sale of traditional and representational
Indiana art

  • IHA Gold Award
    Awarded by John and Sarah Lechleiter

    C.W. Mundy · Old Fisherman
    Oil on Linen · 40 x 30

  • IHA Silver Award
    Awarded by Indiana Heritage Arts Board of Directors

    Wyatt LeGrand · Sheep
    Oil · 30 x 30

  • IHA Bronze Award
    Awarded by the Howard F. Hughes Trust

    Kathy Blankenheim · Skywalker
    Oil on Panel · 24 x 24

  • IHA Director's Purchase Award | Talbot Street Art Fair, Inc. Merit Award

    Mark Ratzlaff · Bloomington Dairy 02
    Oil on Board · 40 x 36

  • Award of Excellence | IHA Ribbon
    Awarded Anonymously

    Lawrence Rudolech · Fall @ Last
    Oil · 29.5 x 49.5

  • Award of Excellence | IHA Ribbon
    Awarded by the Dick Johnson Family

    John Michael Carter · Hillside House
    Oil on Linen · 36 x 36

  • Award of Excellence | IHA Ribbon
    Awarded by Psi Iota Xi and Tri Kappa, Brown County Chapters

    Beth Forst · Ducks in the Canal
    Oil · 20 x 24

  • Award of Excellence | IHA Ribbon
    Awarded by Timothy, Alexa and Isla Sheehan

    Carol Strock-Wasson · Red Tank
    Pastel · 18 x 24

  • Frederick W. Rigley Memorial Award
    Awarded by Ellen Carter and Joan Rigley

    Donna Shortt · Twilight Wonder
    Pastel · 24 x 12

  • T. C. Steele Memorial Award
    Awarded by Brad and Zee Hirst

    Ginny Takacs · Winter at Oak Ridge Prairie
    Oil · 18 x 24

  • Ada Shulz Memorial Award
    Awarded by Randall Tucker

    Troy Kilgore · Market Street, Charleston, SC
    Oil on Canvas · 12 x 24

  • C. Curry Bohm Memorial Award
    Awarded by Dan Kraft

    Roy Boswell · Harvest 15
    Oil · 5 x 7

  • Carl Graf Memorial Award
    Awarded by Kenneth and Janet Harker

    Chris Newlund · Over Duck Creek
    Oil on Linen · 24 x 30

  • John "Abe" Eyed Memorial Award
    Awarded by Cheryl Eyed

    Randall Scott Harden · France, Plein Air
    Oil · 18 x 14

  • Margaret Colglazier Memorial Award Impressionistic Oil
    Awarded by Lyn Letsinger-Miller

    David Seward · Twin City Seed Company
    Oil · 9 x 12

  • Taylor English Memorial Award in memory of an artist who was taken before her tiime
    Awarded by grandparents Terry and Carla English

    Bruce Neckar · Young Jack
    Drawing · 24 x 20

  • Will Vawter Memorial Award
    Awarded by Robert and Carol Eberle

    Ron Burgess · Abandoned
    Pastel · 12 x 16

  • Adolph Shulz Memorial Award
    Awarded by Tony Jordan

    Matt Katz · Keepers
    Oil · 12 x 16

  • Indiana Plein Air Painters Merit Award
    Awarded by Indiana Plein Air Painters

    Jeanne McLeish · St. Mary's Morning
    Oil · 18 x 24

  • Hoosier Salon Merit Award
    Awarded by Hoosier Salon

    Steve Dodge · Whitetail Stampede
    Oil · 12 x 24




People's Choice Award 2016
  "Morning Reflections" by Dan Bulleit

I am so excited and so honored to have been chosen to even be in the show. This is a huge bonus that means so much to me as a validation in what I am trying to accomplish with the support of my family.

The subject was from the Cascade Cafe, a place we visited several times in NY on vacation a few years ago. It is run by an immigrant family who was very proud to own this cafe in America. It’s a story that demonstrates the dream and opportunity of America coming true. I believe at least some of them were originally from Pakistan. No matter the time of day, it seemed this same staff was there with the same smiles happy to serve. This scene was shot at about 6:30 am and the light was just coming up. This cook paused briefly as he stared out the window. With all the reflective glass and with him looking out it seemed that that common element was “reflection”. Thus the title. “Morning Reflections.” As luck would have it, my brother was in NY just a few weeks ago and showed them a photo of the painting and they were very excited by it.

SO it all comes full circle, it was accepted in the respected 38th Indiana Heritage Arts Show, it put a smile on the face of the staff at Cascade Cafe, it sold to an excellent collector on opening night and then won the People’s Choice Award. This was a big success for me. Thank you!

Dan Bulleit









2016 Judge's Statement

Anne Blair Brown

It was an honor and a great pleasure to judge the 38th Annual Indiana Heritage Arts Exhibition. The artwork was exceptional and I wish all of it could have been included, but alas there was some paring down to do. It was not an easy task!

There are some fundamental elements that must be in place for a painting to present well: value composition, brush work, and color. While these elements are very important, I also look for paintings in which the artist goes deeper into the mastery of their subject. I look for paintings with a sense of passion, strong intent, a unique voice. Those are the ones that make me want to cross a room and linger.

While all the paintings I selected for awards met the aforementioned fundamental criteria, they also touched my art spirit in various ways. Some evoked a sense of mystery, some put a delighted smile on my face, and others were simply a soft and beautiful place for my eyes to land.

I congratulate the winners but also want to thank each and every artist for sharing their beautiful paintings with us! Kudos to everybody on a job well done!

Anne Blair Brown’s work centers on rural and urban landscapes, people and interior spaces. While enjoying the solitude of her studio, she delights in painting on location. Brown says, “Painting from life creates an intimacy with the subject that I just can’t get from a photograph, and it heightens my sense of spontaneity.” She is past president of the Plein Air Painters of the Southeast and a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society. Brown currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Congratulations to the 2016 Exhibition Juried Artists

Pat Bardes
Kathleen Biale
Kathy Blankenheim
Andrea Bojrab
William Borden
Roy Boswell
Eric Brock
Charlene Brown
Luke Buck
Ken Bucklew
Dan Bulleit
Ron Burgess
Mark Burkett
JoAnne Burkhard
Susie Byerley
Pamela Campbell
Wayne Campbell
John Michael Carter
Mary Ann Davis
Steve Dodge
Lynn Dunbar
Robert Eberle
Emily Featherstone
Forrest Formsma
Beth Forst
Jodie Friend
Charlene George
Don Geyra
Victoria Gilieron
Bruce Gray
Tim Greatbatch
Randall Scott Harden
Thomas A. Himsel
Corrine Hull
Bill Inman
Jeff Jackson
Matt Katz
Troy Kilgore
Jeff Klinker
Joel Knapp
April Knox
Abby Laux
Wyatt LeGrand
Diane Lyon
Ronald Mack
Norene Mara
Jeanne McLeish
C. W.  Mundy
Bruce Neckar
Pam Newell
Chris Newlund
Elizabeth O’Rear
Lisa Pfenninger
Dale Popovich
Maggie Rapp
Mark Ratzlaff
Todd Reifers
John Reynolds
Patricia Rhoden
Thom Robinson
Lawrence Rudolech
Douglas Runyan
Martha Sando
Beth Clary Schwier
David M. Seward
Donna Shortt
Carolyn Sichting
Jerry Smith
Hattie Stanton
Carol Strock-Wasson
Ginny Takacs
Lindsey Tull
Rick Wilson
Dan Woodson
Tom Woodson

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